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Friday, July 21, 2006

I couldn't help feeling during the entire design process of making the preemie tank, that I was making the item too big. That's because I'm used to making items that are designed more for the tiny and micro preemies, or items for full newborns. This is amusing, since the most needed sizes are actually the middle sizes. It's difficult to design clothing without a model, however, and I hope that the measurements I based it off of were rather correct.

Anymatter, the pattern is now online: Go check out the Preemie Tank!

I may or may not design preemie shorts to go along with. Although I have a conceptual design in my head, I'm having to jump over a rather high hurdle to figure out how to make it crochetable.

Current Project: Undecided
Preemie Partner Status: 9 of 50

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Revamped the design of the site so that it is much simpler. All the fancy things are gone; there is no need for them. Although the pages are admittedly plain, this simplifies the site down to what it is, and nothing more.

I have abandoned the previous crochet blog at blogspot, having gotten fed up with spammers on that site. I decided the quickest way to handle crochet blogging was to place it on this site itself; therefore, the main page will become a 20-entry blog. If you wish to comment, please just shoot me an email.

For those who are wondering - I have not been crocheting for a long time, due to real life issues and being unable to find half my crochet tools. I have returned to it, dedicating myself to the Preemie Partner program (see link below). So far, the progress is good. I have also started using up scrap yarn for H4HA Snuggles. I believe that once I've used up a great deal of the excess, unwanted yarn around here, I might be able to get toward making some non-charity projects again. Time will tell.

Current Project: Preemie Summer Tank (Designing)
Preemie Partner Status: 8 of 50

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